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Martin Polický, Managing director

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At MPK Asset Solutions, we take our commitment to your IT asset security and care seriously.

We pride ourselves on providing tailor-made solutions designed to meet your specific needs. Our approach guarantees maximum value from your discarded IT equipment while ensuring the secure destruction of contained data.

Our solutions are simple, flexible, and cost-effective, tailored to your unique requirements. Beyond efficiency, we also prioritize environmental responsibility and support the social responsibility initiatives of companies and consumers alike.

For IT processing, we exclusively employ certified and internationally accepted tools, ensuring the highest quality service. With our extensive experience in IT asset management (ITAM) and IT asset disposition (ITAD) solutions, you can trust that your digital assets are in capable hands.

Martin Polický, Managing director


Your satisfaction with our services is the main  priority


We always provide solutions for your specific needs


We have all certification needed to guarantee top quality


We have all certification needed to guarantee top quality



We cover countries of EMEA & APAC.
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We offer a wide range of services, both on-site and off-site, to address all your needs. Our flexible approach allows us to tailor services specifically to your requirements. With our expertise, we ensure you receive top-notch solutions. Discover the convenience and excellence of MPK Asset Solutions today.


Certified disposal of data carriers & the data contained on them



We handle everything: packing and moving your IT assets


Discover technical status of your IT assets. Inventory valuation


Sell your IT assets to your employees through our
private e-shop


Safe retirement and removal of data centre equipment and infrastructure


Environmentally friendly and safe way how to recover the value of your depreciated IT assets

Unveiling Tech Lingo

Translating Terminology

Because it’s important to understand each other.


IT Asset Management (ITAM) involves the systematic management of an organization’s assets, ensuring they are effectively tracked, deployed, maintained, upgraded, and properly disposed of when necessary.


IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) is the responsible management of retired or excess IT equipment, encompassing recycling, repurposing, and environmentally friendly disposal while prioritizing data security.


Refers to any Information Technology, software, or hardware. Hardware assets encompass equipment, such as servers, desktop computers, mobile devices, laptops, routers, printers, data projectors, etc.


It’s crucial to understand that your data remains vulnerable on a discarded hard drive. It may seem easier to put your computer in a garbage, but it’s not safe for your company.

Any data leakage can result in significant threats, including the exposure of sensitive information such as client profiles and confidential contracts. At MPK Asset Solutions, our professional ITAD services guarantee the secure and thorough destruction of your data, ensuring your information remains entirely private and protected.


Laptops, computers, LCD monitors, data projectors, smartphones, tablets, servers, switches, storages, IP phones, printers, cables, etc.
(The list of devices we process includes all IT equipment commonly used in offices or data centres.)

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One of our client required data wipe on laptops at their office in Athens within 2 business days OF THE FIRST contact. One technician was dispatched to the location and successfully completed the requested service within a single business day. According to the instructions, the laptops remained on-site for further deployment.

Client from USA

On-site Data Wipe

An international company with a branch in Hungary expressed interest in introducing an employee benefit program involving the purchase of retired IT equipment at a discounted rate. We collected the retired laptops, conducted off-site data wiping, performed a technical audit, and recommended to the client which devices were suitable for sale to employees through a private e-shop created BY US, in line with client’s needs.

Client from Germany

Reverse Logistics, Off-site Data Wipe, Technical Audit, Employee Sales

Our client required the disconnection, removal, and erasure of hard drives on 165 servers in the Netherlands, with a deadline of 5 business days after the initial contact. A team of 4 technicians was dispatched to perform the task, following off-site hard drive erasure. The servers were auctioned to the highest bidder, as a result of which the customer received USD 263,248 of the device value in return.

Client from USA

Data Centre Decommissioning, Reverse Logistic, Off-site Data Wipe, Technical Audit, Value Recovery

For an international client having servers located in a data centre in the Czech Republic, we prepared a project involving the extraction, ESD bags  packing, and placement of 20,000 HDDs into labelled cardboard boxes. The project also included creation of an inventory list for the packed HDDs. The client subsequently stored the palletized boxes with drivers in their secure archive.

Client from USA

Data Centre Decommissioning, HDD Removal, Packing & Inventory Management, Recycling, Reverse Logistic

On-site data carrier disposal: Based on the client’s requirements, we removed 3,075 data carriers from the devices, recorded their serial numbers, including the parent device serial number, and proceeded to on-site disk shredding using a mobile shredder. We transported the shredded material and recycled it in an environmentally friendly way. The client received a Certificate of Data Destruction (CODD) and a Certificate of Disposal (COD).

Client from UK

Data Centre Decommissioning, HDD Removal, SN Recording, On-site Shredding, Recycling

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